How do you learn about your new car's features?

Do you invest time and money to reap full benefits of your new investment?

Of course, you do!

We’ve all been there; you buy a new car, nestle into the driver’s seat. Smell the leather, marvel at the colour scheme, start the engine, oh how it purrs, put it into Drive, and notice the fog lights are on, you spend the next few minutes trying to work out how to turn them off.

While you’re at it, you wonder how does the self-parking mechanism work? How do you set up Bluetooth connectivity to replace your keys with your smartphone? How do WiFi and LTE 4G connectiivity work? How do you connect your apps in the car? How do your Back -up cameras work? Head’s up display? Night vision?

ARRRH spare me! Can someone teach me how to operate this thing?!

So are you going to simply ignore these things you KNOW the car can do, or find a solution?

The same applies to software.

You know you made the right decision to aquire, you sat the presentation and saw what the software is capable of; you organised a time for the install, you are shortly due to go live. You are excited.

“No training necessary,” you said, “it’s an additional expense I could do without.”

Is it?

You log in and look at the new screen; your stare is blank. 

A small voice says – where do I begin? It’s is all too hard! This software is not a good fit for me.

Go back a step and remember the reasons why you first said "yes". You knew that the product was right!

Unless you and your staff undergo training on using your new software, you cannot expect to see all the efficiencies and benefits of the investment.

Precious time spent on “trying to work it out" means; less productivity, less money saved, this defeats the entire point of the new system in the first place. 

Our staff at Debtcol, find teaching through hands on training will speed up the learning process as opposed to just showing a presentation on how to use it. And experience shows us those who do take training, grow their business much faster than those who don't. Clarity inspires, it creates momentum and boosts productivity.

Training should be mandatory when implementing new software – it just makes sense. So just like your car, are you going to simply ignore what you can’t work out, or get the right training?



Author: Olga Maragakis, 

Business Development and Client Relationship Manager at Debtcol Software