Debtor Portal - Connect Faster



Effective communication is key to better collection results.   The question is what communication looks like now and in the future.  At DebtCol, we know that people are either time starved or too embarrassed to talk to someone about their financial position through the traditional phone call. 

DebtCol has developed a class leading debtor portal to communicate with debtors more effectively.   


Our debtor portal provides for a secure 24/7 rich interface between a collection agency and its debtors.  After a robust security check identifying the credentials of a person, our debtor portal allows that person to carry out several traditional functions that a collector would ordinarily have to undertake manually including: -


  • Obtaining a copy of invoices/Statements and or other correspondence,
  • Making an offer to pay off a debt (based on a minimum amount you set within our system),
  • Provide an ability to upload financial hardship applications and or any other documents required,
  • Integration with Ezidebit to set up payments via credit card, direct debit and BPAY.  This process also manages missed payments all within the DebtCol system.  As Ezidebit holds a Level 1 PCIDSS compliance (the highest level available), you can be confident that your debtors’ data is secure reducing in house resources to compliance tasks.

Our debtor portal of course will never replace a face to face or telephone call with a debtor to discuss their financial position.  It simply provides yet another collection tool in the collection tool box to allow you to collect more and make more.

If you would like more information on our debtor portal, contact our friendly sales team at or contact us on 1300 765 609.