Work anywhere, anytime

Benefit from the cloud computing structure, giving you great work flexibility.

The cloud computing structure allows for a more affordable entry point and greater work flexibility. Enjoy remote access from home and different branches of your business, without the expense of managing a server.


Clever automation of complex tasks

Multiple step actions combined into a powerful single click.

Portfolios can be mapped to automated action cycles allowing for batches of work to be systematically processed from end- to- end with little or no user input.


Efficient work flow


Organise your cases, ease communication between relative parties, and create & assign work queues.

  • Organise all communication, documents and accounting on a case by case basis.
  • Create your own mail merge letters, which can be printed, emailed or exported to a mailing house. Merged document are stored on their respective case for future viewing and re-dispatch.
  • Dynamically create and assign tailor made work queues and assign them to collectors and teams, fine-tuning your approach to work.



Reach debtors conveniently, text payment reminders.

With approximately 30-40% of business telecommunication costs being land-line to mobile charges, SMS is the perfect way to dramatically reduce your telecommunication costs. SMS requires a fraction of the time and cost of a phone call or letter, it's less intrusive, recorded, more personal and it can't get lost in the mail.


easy access to reports

Choose from our library or create your own. Email them to your clients, or make them available on the client portal.

You can choose from over 100 industry standard reports, or create your own using the report generator. Reports can be linked to client logins and can be dispatched to email in multiple formats such as Excel and PDF.



Select batches of debts and update them in bulk, saving valuable time and money.

You can easily select debts and action them in bulk, so if you need to produce a specific letter on 1000 debts, this tool allows you to complete it extremely quickly.


Integrated billing, cost recovery & trust management

Reduce your billing errors, create professional invoices & easily manage your trust account, while meeting compliance.

DebtCol offers a full trust account management system that enables you to easily and intelligently administer your trust account payment receipts by BPAY, credit card, direct debit and other more conventional methods. Refund your clients in bulk electronically using an ABA file, or print refund cheques according to your customer settings.

Full Trust Account Management:

  • Contra management for elegant offsetting of outstanding bills
  • Electronic Transfer of Funds in bulk using an ABA file
  • Unlimited variety of trust statements to suit your business
  • Online storage of all trust statements for easy reproduction
  • Print Refund Cheques
  • Trust Reconciliation and reporting for compliance

Integrated Billing:

  • Automate client charging by combining charges with your collectors activity and payment processing
  • Complete dynamic Trial Balance Summary
  • Automated contra payment of invoices with cleared trust funds
  • Flexible billing to meet specific client needs
  • Bill per case, client, group of clients or all in bulk
  • Unlimited variety of invoice formats to suit your business
  • Dispatch invoices automatically via email or printer


Integrate with MYOB and Xero

Eliminate errors and save time through seamless integration.

Integrate for complete general ledger, saving time and eliminating errors through double handling.


your own WEB portal

Make it convenient for your clients to view case progress, refer new debts & produce reports on-line. Agents can also update cases in real-time using a handheld device.

Customer Login:

  • Refer new debts
  • Monitor existing debts
  • Send instructions
  • Upload file attachments
  • Run reports
  • View past invoices and trust statements

Agent Login:

  • Manage a list of referred debts by priorities
  • Record attendances made
  • View case history including file attachments
  • Add notes


Improve management of new business, send mass emails.

Use your integrated CRM for sharper customer relations and improved prospecting of new business. Mass emailing and campaign management are made easy,



Immediate access to the searches that mercantile agents need, without the need to log on to separate searching systems.

There is no need to re-key information (reducing the risk of human error), and all disbursements are conveniently saved and automatically on-billed (with your margin added) and search results immediately downloaded to the case.

  • ASIC - for company and business name searches
  • PPSR - Personal Property Securities Register searches
  • AFSA - for bankruptcy registry searches
  • National Litigation Search - to report on legal action taken on a debtor, across the country
  • Electoral Roll
  • Credit Reports
  • Register defaults and leave a mercantile footprint
  • Plus many more



Application programming interface


Utilise the DebtCol API’s to create your own applications like web forms for submitting new debts, communicating with your client’s database, or create a phone app for agents on the road. 


DebtoR POrtal - connect faster


Effective communication is key to better collection results.   The question is what communication looks like now and in the future.  At DebtCol, we know that people are either time starved or too embarrassed to talk to someone about their financial position through the traditional phone call. 

DebtCol has developed a class leading debtor portal to communicate with debtors more effectively.   READ MORE HERE