Meet the Team


Our focus is creating software to assist debt collectors, repossession and field agents, because they help keep our economy going. We continuously strive for quality and excellence so that we can be the best at what we do. This comes from a genuine willingness to support our clients and our staff, because we care about them. This drives us to be consistently competitive with a will to win.

Sandy Barrett
Managing Director


"I’ve been working in the debt recovery industry for 27 years now. Before becoming immersed in software, I was heavily involved in debt recovery for 10 years, managing a busy agency. I know firsthand how extremely competitive the business is.

Previous experience has taught me only too well, that you only get paid when you collect debts, therefore your margins can be low. So the more money you collect, the more money you make. The more efficient you become, the more debts you can process and increase your margins, hence our brand promise - Agencies using DebtCol collect more and therefore make more money.

We focus just on debt recovery and related business, so we are well placed to know exactly how to meet our clients’ needs. We also understand how your customer demands are pushing down revenue because of the burden placed on resources.

Creating innovative software which meets and exceeds customer demands is what I love. With DebtCol we have revolutionised the relationship between agency and business through innovative, productivity tools that bring immediate results to the bottom line of any agency.

It is my aim to leverage from the technology boom in such a way that the end-user of the DebtCol product continues to thrive instead of just survive."

Sandy founded DebtCol in 1999 and has over 27 years experience in the debt recovery industry.

Glen Riddell
Chief Software Architect


“Software design should be considered an art form. Users’ need to be engaged by the software we produce allowing them to deliver results in a faster more efficient way than provided by any other vendor in the market. When designing software I like to craft solutions that provide the best fit for all customers while avoiding unnecessary complexity. User feedback is crucial and helps shape the next generation of software that we produce.”

Glen has been with DebtCol for over nine years and brings over 18 years of software design and development experience to the DebtCol team.

Alex Caruana
Senior Account Manager & Trainer


"I have been involved in the debt collection and field services industry for over 30 years, during which time I operated one of Australia’s leading field services agencies.  In that time I developed a field services software system that was unique to the industry and pivotal to our success, including one of the industry’s first field APPs.  Integrity, improvement and commitment are the key ingredients to any successful organisation and I am proud to form part of the DebtCol team where I can utilise my broad experience with respect to account management, training and software development."

Olga Maragakis
Business Development & Marketing Manager


"Credibility is the key to being successful when selling any product.

As an expert in business development and enterprise software sales, over the last 8 years I have had the opportunity to plan, develop and showcase major initiatives that have driven industry change.  This has resulted in millions of dollars in recurring revenue for my customers. 

Being committed to customer satisfaction driven by working with the most innovative software products in the market, allows me to naturally excel in Sales.

This combined with my positivity, self-motivation, listening skills and harnessing relationships built on trust and respect, allows me to work in a sales role that I enjoy immensely."

Kieran Murphy
Application Development & Maintenance Officer


Kieran Murphy has been professionally involved in information technology since the early 1980s, gaining his initial training in computer science and continuously furthering his qualifications to include accounting and business.

Kieran has architected and developed computer applications for a variety of purposes in the corporate and government sectors, throughout Australia and internationally.  His expansive application development experience includes manufacturing, point of sale, distribution, service management, automotive, fines management, hospital billing, hire and loan, pathology systems, donor management, as well as whole of business enterprise level accounting systems.  For the past eight years he has been working on key applications for hospitals and software developed under his auspices can be found in major public hospitals throughout Australia.

Elizabeth Peterson
Helpdesk Operator


"The importance of the user experience is paramount and therefore at the centre of everything we do from product development, right through to after-sales support. By utilising best practice policies, it ensures we deliver a robust and reliable solution every time.

I really enjoy being part of a team which makes quality software that is trusted by many.”

Elizabeth George
Helpdesk Operator


“At DebtCol we strive for 100% client satisfaction, which makes my role important and motivating.

After sales service is such a critical aspect to the client experience and I pride myself on ensuring that all clients do get the best support possible and are using DebtCol to its greatest effect. For me, achieving and maintaining this gives me the greatest job satisfaction”