Sandy Barrett
Managing DIrector

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"I’ve been working in the debt recovery industry for 27 years now. Before becoming immersed in software, I was heavily involved in debt recovery for 10 years, managing a busy agency. I know firsthand how extremely competitive the business is.

Previous experience has taught me only too well, that you only get paid when you collect debts, therefore your margins can be low. So the more money you collect, the more money you make. The more efficient you become, the more debts you can process and increase your margins, hence our brand promise - Agencies using DebtCol collect more and therefore make more money.

We focus just on debt recovery and related business, so we are well placed to know exactly how to meet our clients’ needs. We also understand how your customer demands are pushing down revenue because of the burden placed on resources.

Creating innovative software which meets and exceeds customer demands is what I love. With DebtCol we have revolutionised the relationship between agency and business through innovative, productivity tools that bring immediate results to the bottom line of any agency.

It is my aim to leverage from the technology boom in such a way that the end-user of the DebtCol product continues to thrive instead of just survive."

Sandy founded DebtCol in 1999 and has over 27 years experience in the debt recovery industry.

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