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Credit Collection Services Group is a professional full service debt recovery, law firm and investigations company with offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth


Testimonials from The Australian Achiever Awards


The Australian Achiever Awards are an independent, unbiased award system based on assessment ratings from a business’s own customers.


"DebtCol staff are incredibly professional, with the best interests of their clients in mind. They are always looking for ways to help us to work smarter and I regard them as an essential part of our team. Their professionalism and knowledge are excellent and their thinking is very proactive. They provide a software program and platform for the entire running of our business and they are fantastic to deal with.

"Without DebtCol and their software, I would no longer be in the business of debt collection because if I had stayed using my previous software we would not have survived. I am very happy with all my dealings with DebtCol, Sandy, who is CEO, will always respond to my calls."


"We have never had any issues with DEBTCOL as their product, communication and customer service are excellent. They have been supplying software to us for a very long time and we love dealing with them because they listen to their clients. Their staff are always well presented and immaculate when they come to visit."

“I find the service that I get from DEBTCOL is impeccable. Their immediate turn around time with a response is fantastic and they are always happy to guide me.”


“I find Sandy and his staff go above and beyond, they are very professional with excellent customer support, and real value for money.”

“DEBTCOL are very efficient. If you need something done, they will oblige and help you day or night. They keep up to date with technology and when you call for assistance, anyone in the office can help. I find them very professional, friendly and obliging with good customer service skills.”


“They understand the business (of debt recovery) more than anyone else I have ever encountered. The staff, from management down, are all very professional, friendly, obliging and their customer service is excellent. They are one of the best companies I have ever dealt with and I highly recommend them.”

“DEBTCOL are an excellent company to deal with, nothing is an effort.”


“They really understand what we require of them and respond swiftly to any emergency. We can’t ask for anything more from them.”

“They have a great understanding of our industry. I rely on them for advice on software and hardware relevant to my business. Their customer service is excellent and their communication really stands out.”


“Every contact I have had with the staff from DEBTCOL is always prompt and professional. They really will do everything to please and more. We have used their services for years now because we are more than happy with them.”

“Their customer service is fantastic and all the staff are really great.”


“They are one of the few I.T. companies that understands the nature of our business. They are always looking to improve and meet the needs of their customers. Sandy is very innovative and knows how to adapt to the market, plus their software solutions are amazing. I have no hesitation referring them to anyone because I know that they will always deliver.”

“They are very professional, friendly and courteous and have a very good understanding of our business. They are very prompt with following up on queries and always have some solutions to resolve any issues.”


“DEBTCOL do everything that is required of them. They are very professional and friendly. Their customer service is very good and they respond to calls very promptly.”

“Whatever we need, DEBTCOL will oblige, and make the trip down to our office to sort out. Their response by phone or email is excellent. Sandy Barrett is very professional and the upgrades we get cater for our needs. Their software is fantastic and they go beyond with their customer service.”


“All the staff, in particular Sandy Barrett, have always been very approachable. Any issues are dealt with promptly and all the staff are very professional and obliging. I find them easy to deal with, our communication is good and their customer service is very good.”



We would like to take this opportunity to thank our clients who participated and provided their valuable feedback and to The Australian Achiever Awards for encouraging, recognising and promoting quality customer service in business. 


Testimonials from satisfied users

DEBTCOL is a widely used product in the debt recovery industry and here are some recent testimonials provided by satisfied users.


"When looking for a new software supplier I sourced a couple of suppliers and was immediately impressed with DEBTCOL.  From the first phone call I was treated with brilliant customer service and every question was answered straight away.  Impressed with the service, I was further pleased with the technical capabilities of the DEBTCOL software.

DEBTCOL has ensured that we have been able to consolidate all of our communications into the one source, including outbound and inbound letters, emails and other attachments.  DEBTCOL further provides integrated billing with flexible invoice options, including electronic dispatch and integrated trust management.

The implementation process was seamless and the training provided ensured that my staff were able to use the software from day one with little to no hassle.  The continuous service provided by the team at DEBTCOL ensures for a continuous smooth flowing relationship between our company and our critical supplier."

 Daniel Taylor - Director - NSW Australia

“We have been customers of DEBTCOL  for 5 years. We have been using debt recovery software for almost two decades and before becoming customers of DEBTCOL we did extensive research into the systems then available. We decided to contract DEBTCOL because of the ease of use and the great benefits their product provided to our customers – such as the real time access to their data and the ability to view reports via the web portal.

We have always found Sandy and his team most helpful and very flexible when necessary. We have noticed that they are constantly upgrading their system when the technology improves. We would not hesitate to recommend DEBTCOL to anyone, comparing it to the others in the market – especially if their business had large volumes of matters, where the DEBTCOL batch updating tools are an amazing benefit. “

 Anonymous (unwilling to let my competitors know what my specific edge in business is) - NSW Australia


"I have pleasure in providing this testimonial in support of DEBTCOL and the DEBTCOL system. We are a boutique collections business and had been operating on a Microsoft platform that was not integrated for its collection business. Since we installed the DEBTCOL system we have had a significant improvement in productivity.

The menu driven system is easy to follow and manage and is very flexible in its reporting process enabling us to meet our client requirements.

Management of operators, the preparation of daily work flows and integrated accounting and take back supported with remote access all add up to a terrific package.

I have pleasure in recommending this system to other users."

 Michael Coldham - Director - Victoria Australia

"DEBTCOL is a dynamic collections system offering integrated trust management systems, hassle free implementation of electronic document filing with Courts, user friendly client access, advanced reporting features and above all else is a practical user friendly tools that has increased collector productivity. 

The DEBTCOL system offers advanced features that have allowed us to streamline our end to end collection process, whilst providing Optimum client support, communication and above all else results. 

This system has been designed by collection professionals for collections professionals making it incredibly logical and results driven and we would not be without it."

 Angela McDonald – Director – Queensland Australia


"We started using DEBTCOL in 2008, the immediate results were amazing. We were able to provide our customers with the very latest technology & online access to our system. Our specific needs were met without hesitation. The easy to use system & training provided, meant we were able to start using the new programme with ease & confidence, knowing friendly advice & backup was always available. I highly recommend DEBTCOL to any business wanting to grow in this specialised fields."

 Bev Withington – Director – Tasmania Australia

"The system has greatly improved our staff productivity and efficiency. It has aided in setting KPI’s and tracking staff performance. DEBTCOL has also improved our accounting procedures by integrating quite well with our accounting software and providing a full range of comprehensive reports. The range of reports and graphs I have been able to generate are a great selling tool for our staff when demonstrating our service to our clients."

 Adam Stewart - Director - Victoria Australia